Creating an Event Search Tool

  1. Go to the ‘Pages > Add New’ page. (You can add the element to an existing page with this method.)
  2. Enter a page title.
  3. Click on the ‘WPBakery Page Builder’ button, the page builder will come on your page.
  4. Click on the ‘+’ button, you can add an element to your page from here.
  5. Find the ‘Event Search Tool’ element and click on it. The element will add to your page.
  6. Next, you can customize the event listing on this element. Example: Event listing style, filter options, expired events, design options etc.
  7. Click on the save button.
  8. Go to the ‘Theme Settings’ from the admin panel menu.
  9. Open the ‘Events’ tab.
  10. Choose the ‘Search Results’ page from the ‘Event Search Results Page’ field. ‘Search Results’ page comes with the demo content. If you don’t have this page, create a page for search results page and add a ‘Event Search Results’ element to that page.
  11. Click on the save button and the form will show on the created page.

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