Creating Event Frontend Submission

You can create a frontend submission for events, venues and speakers. Your users can create events, venues or speakers.

Firstly, install WP User Frontend plugin to your site. This plugin is free but you can buy pro version of the plugin, you can see the pro version of the plugin from this link. You will create the frontend submission with this plugin.

How to Install Plugin?

  1. Go to the ‘Plugins > Add New’ from the admin panel menu.
  2. Enter the ‘WP User Frontend’ to the search form and click enter.
  3. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button on the plugin.
  4. Click on the ‘Activate’ button after installed the plugin.
  5. After installed the plugin, will open a page, click on the ‘Let’s Go!’ button on this page.
  6. You will see basic settings from here. Payments, pages settings. Make the settings and click on the continue button.
  7. Will open the settings page.
  8. You can customize settings of the plugin from this page.

Creating a Fronend Submission Form

  1. After making the settings, go to the ‘User Frontend > Post Forms’ from the admin panel menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Add From’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Create Form’ on the ‘Blank Form’.
  4. You can create fields of the form this page (Form Editor). The Meta Key of the frontend inputs should be same with the name of the metabox inputs on the Events. Example; if you will create a start date input, the meta key of the input should be ‘event_start_date’. You can the names of the all input following.
  5. Add the ‘Post Title’ element for get an event title automatically.
  6. Add the ‘Post Content’ element for get an event description content automatically.
  7. Add the ‘Featured Image’ field for get an event featured image.
  8. Then, you can create other fields that you want.
  9. Open the ‘Settings’ tab in this page after created the fields and save the page. You can set the settings of this frontend form. You can set many settings from here.
  10. Firstly, choose your post type from the ‘Post Type’ field. Example: Event.
  11. Next, choose a status from the ‘Post Status’ field. If you want the created events will seems as ‘Pending Review’, choose ‘Pending Review’ or ‘Draft’.
  12. You can choose a page for the redirect page from the ‘Redirect To’ field. After successfull submit, where the page will redirect to.
  13. Also, you can button, comment etc. settings. After finished your process, click on the save button.

How to activation the payment for frontend submission?

  1. Go to the ‘User Frontend > Settings’ page.
  2. You can customize/edit your payment settings. Currency, payment gateways, messages etc settings here.
  3. After finished it, go to the ‘User Frontend > Post Forms’.
  4. Click on the ‘Edit’ button on your form.
  5. Open the ‘Settings’ tab from editing form page.
  6. Open the ‘Payment Settings’ tab.
  7. Click on the ‘Enable Payments’ field.

How to get a notification after creating an event?

You will see the ‘Notification’ tab creating a form. You can edit notification form and email from this page.

Meta Fields and Taxonomies of Event Post Type

Meta Fields:

  1. Start Date: event_start_date
  2. Start Time: event_start_time
  3. End Date: event_end_date
  4. End Time: event_end_time
  5. Expire Date: event_expire_date
  6. Attendees: event-attendees
  7. Attendee Count: event-attendees-count
  8. Event Content Listing Type: event-content-listing-type
  9. Speakers: event_speakers
  10. Schedule: event_schedule
    1. Schedule Title: event_schedule[title]
    2. Schedule Group Title: event_schedule[group-title]
    3. Schedule Date: event_schedule[event_schedule_date]
    4. Schedule Time: event_schedule[event_schedule_time]
    5. Schedule Description Text: event_schedule[event_schedule_description]
    6. Schedule Speakers: event_schedule[event_schedule_speakers]
  11. Venue: event_venue
  12. Address: event_detailed_address
  13. Phone Number: event_phone
  14. Fax Number: event-fax
  15. Email Address: event_email
  16. Map Lat: event-map-lat
  17. Map Lng: event-map-lng
  18. Google Street View Link: event_google_street_link
  19. Main Price: event-ticket-main-price
  20. Tickets: event_tickets
    1. Tickets Title: event_tickets[title]
    2. Tickets Subtitle: event_tickets[subtitle]
    3. Tickets Purchase Type: event_tickets[purchase-type]
    4. Tickets Eventbrite Link: event_tickets[eventbrite-link]
    5. Tickets Meetup Link: event_tickets[meetup-link]
    6. Tickets External Link: event_tickets[external-link]
    7. Tickets Features: event_tickets[event_tickets_package_feature]
    8. Tickets Price: event_tickets[price]
  21. Event Photos: event_media_tab_images
  22. Event Sponsors: event_sponsors
    1. Sponsor Title: event_sponsors[title]
    2. Sponsor Logo: event_sponsors[event_sponsor_logo]
    3. Sponsor Description Text: event_sponsors[text]
    4. Sponsor Link: event_sponsors[event_sponsor_link]
    5. Sponsor Grayscale Logo: event_sponsors[grayscale]


  1. Locations: location
  2. Organizers: organizer
  3. Tags: event_tags
  4. Categories: eventcat

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