How to change English words and sentences

If you are using the theme in English and you want to change some words or sentences, you can use PoEdit or Loco Translate.

Loco Translate

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New from the admin panel menu.
  2. Search Loco Translate with search form.
  3. Install and active Loco Translate plugin.
  4. Go to Loco Translate page from the admin panel menu.
  5. Click on the theme name from the Active theme section.
  6. Click on the New language button.
  7. Choose English (United States) or other languages from the select box.
  8. Choose a file location from Choose a location. Your .POT file will save in that location.
  9. Click on the Start translating button.
  10. Change the words or sentences you want on this page.
  11. Click on the save button.


  1. Login to your hosting via FTP.
  2. Download .POT file in wp-content/themes/theme/languages folder.
  3. Open PoEdit software.
  4. Open the .POT file with PoEdit software.
  5. Change the words or sentences you want on this translation file.
  6. Save the file as en_US or en_GB. ( and / and
  7. Upload the .PO/.MO file/files to wp-content/themes/theme/languages folder in the theme via FTP.

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