How to Create a Recipe? (Ingredients, Servings, Categories, Cuisines, Difficulties, Cooking Times, Preparation Times, Tags and All Settings)

How to Create a Recipe?

  1. After create the taxonomies, go to the ‘Recipes > Add New Recipe’ from the admin panel menu.
  2. Enter a recipe title from the ‘Title’ field.
  3. Next enter a recipe content from the ‘Content’ field. If you want to use in the ‘Content’ field look this article.
  4. Choose recipe Ingredients from the ‘Ingredients’ field.
  5. Choose recipe Servings from the ‘Servings’ field.
  6. Choose recipe Categories from the ‘Categories’ field.
  7. Choose recipe Cuisines from the ‘Cuisines’ field.
  8. Choose recipe Difficulties from the ‘Difficulties’ field.
  9. Choose recipe Cooking Times from the ‘Cooking Times’ field.
  10. Choose recipe Preparation Times from the ‘Preparation Times’ field.
  11. Choose recipe Tags from the ‘Tags’ field.
  12. Upload a recipe image from the ‘Featured Image’ field.
  13. Scroll to the ‘Excerpt’ field. You can enter a short description for the recipe. (If you can’t see the field, you can activate the field from the ‘Screen Options’ at the top of the page.). This text will show on the recipe elements.

How to Create Recipe Settings?

Scroll to the ‘Recipe Settings’ field. You can create all details for the recipe from this panel. Look following guides for get information.

  1. Open the ‘Ingredients’ tab. You can create Ingredients details from this panel.
  2. Open the ‘Nutritions’ tab. You can create Nutritions details from this panel.
  3. Open the ‘Directions’ tab. You can create Directions details from this panel.
  4. Open the ‘Media’ tab. You can create Media details from this panel.


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