How to Create a Speaker?

How to Create a Speaker?

  1. Go to the ‘Speakers > Add New Speaker’ field.
  2. Enter a speaker name from the ‘Title’ field.
  3. Enter a content about speaker from the ‘Content’ field. Look this article you want to use WPBakery Page Builder on the ‘Content’ field.
  4. Upload a speaker photo from the ‘Featured Image’ field.
  5. Scroll to the ‘Excerpt’ field. You can enter a short description about the speaker. (If you can’t see the field, you can activate the field from the ‘Screen Options’ at the top of the page.). This text will show on the speaker listing elements.

How to Create Speaker Details?

  1. Scroll to the ‘Speaker Settings’ field. You can create speaker details from this panel.
  2. You can enter a profession from the ‘Profession’ field.
  3. You can enter a company from the ‘Company’ field.
  4. You can enter a short biography about the speaker from the ‘Short Biography’ field.
  5. You can create speaker details from the ‘Extra Speaker Details’ field.
  6. You can create sidebar buttons from the ‘Sidebar Buttons’ field.
  7. You can create extra sidebar boxes from the ‘Sidebar Boxes’ field.
  8. Open the ‘Contact’ tab. You can create speaker contact details from here. Address, phone, email, website etc.
  9. Open the ‘Speaker Header’ tab. You can create a featured header for the speaker. Video, image, gallery etc.
  10. Open the ‘Media’ tab.
  11. You can upload a profile photo from the ‘Profile Photo’ field. This photo will show on speaker listing elements.
  12. You can upload a background image from the ‘Page Title Bar Background’ field.
  13. You can create a image gallery from ‘Photos for the Photos Section’ field and you customize the gallery from here.
  14. Open the ‘Network’ tab. You can create social links from this tab.
  15. Finally, you can choose location of the speaker from the ‘Locations’ field.

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