How to update a WordPress theme

We often update our WordPress themes. WordPress theme updates are important for all themes. Because, the themes will have new features, plugin update and new options with new updates. This is important, keep your themes up to date, always. I will explain the update progress with two method.

Theme update via admin panel

If you want update the theme on WordPress admin panel, yes, you do this. Go to Envato Market page from the admin panel menu. If you can’t see this menu item, you can install this plugin.

Configure your Envato API settings from this page and connect your site to the Envato API.

Your all items will be show after connect to the Envato API. Click the Update Available button on the item for update the theme. Also you can update the from Appearance > Themes page. You can check the plugin page for details.

Don’t forget to update your plugins if there are any update notifications after update the theme.

Theme update via FTP (Manually)

You get an email notification when the author of WordPress theme you are using release an update. This email have download link of the update. The download link of the update exist in the email. An example:

If you don’t have an the update email, firstly go to ThemeForest web site and login to the site with your account. Next, click Download menu item from user box from site header.

Scroll to the item you want to download. Click on the Download button on the item. You can download last version of the theme from here. Download the theme, you will have a ZIP file after download.

Login to your FTP server. Next, go to wp-content/themes directory and remove folder of the theme. For example Eventchamp theme, so, delete eventchamp folder.

Extract the files downloaded from ThemeForest. Don’t upload main file, you should upload theme file. Find the theme file in extracted ZIP file. Example:

Choose theme-name folder (Not ZIP file, if this folder isn’t exist, you can extracted.) As note, you can see php files, css files etc in theme-name folder. Upload the theme-name folder to wp-content/themes directory in your FTP server.

Don’t forget to update your plugins if there are any update notifications after update the theme.

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